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Spring Semester 2018 Full-time Faculty Positions

2018-03-09 23:27

Spring Semester 2018 Full-time Faculty Positions: Open Invitation

-Project supported by HK (Institute for East Asian Studies)-

The Institute for East Asian Studies at Sogang University is inviting applications from qualified scholars in the following areas for Tenure track in a project supported by Humanities Korea (sponsored by the National Research Foundation of Korea).

 Project Outline


Southeast Asia as an open regional system: A new paradigm for communicating with the globe and reaching out to the public


1. Networking local and overseas Southeast Asia specialists by forming research clusters and collaborating research and publication worldwide;
2. Emerging as a major research center in Southeast Asian studies with world-class scholars, facilities, and publications; and,
3.Accumulating and collecting research materials and results to share with the academic community and the public.



Step 1 (3 years)

Step 2 (3 years)

Step 3 (4 years)


The formation of the Southeast Asian region and the development of the concept

Reinventing Southeast Asian cultures

Development and strengthening of the regional system

1st year

Understanding Southeast Asia and the pedigree of SE Asia studies

Concepts and values

Southeast Asia in a global context

2nd year

Influences of the outside world and SE Asian

Institutions and social relations

Diffusion and understanding of SE Asian cultures

3rd year

Colonization, decolonization and the formation of a mixed society

Reconstruction and identity of traditions

The formation of regional identities and new challenges

4th year



Globalization and the future of Southeast Asia

Project in


1. By collaboration in academic exchanges, building up a network of SE Asia research institutes within Korea and overseas.
2.Enhancing the quality of the journal <East Asian Studies> and making it into an international journal of the SSCI/A&HCI class.
3. Publication of a series of research volumes in Korean and English as well as of general-interest and popular books
4. Offering lectures designed to enhance the general public's understanding of SE Asia
5. The establishment of SE Asian fellowships to support the education of the next generation outheast Asianists
6. The establishment and development of a center housing virtual and concrete data on SE Asia


1. Subject Areas


No. of

Major Field


Recruiting method


Institute for East Asian


Southeast Asian Studies





2. Qualifications

① Applicants must be eligible for appointment according to the regulations governing private universities and are required to have a doctoral degree in the relevant field in hand by the appointment start date.

② Applicants must be able to participate actively in the above research project and bring it to a successful conclusion.

③ Applicants must have 200 or more points in qualifying publications dated no earlier than March, 2015 (including the Ph.D. dissertation).

For detailed criteria on qualifying publications and points see: Directions -> Tips when completing publication list.

3. Expected date for start of appointment: June 1, 2018

4. Evaluation Process



Topics for evaluation

Stage 1


- Research record

- Correspondence with advertised field and area of specialization

- Suitability for HK project

- Educational background

Stage 2

Specialization Review Research Record Evaluation  -Publication record

- Qualitative level of journals in which papers have been published

- Potential for future research development

Stage 3


 -Overall qualifications and aptitude as an educator, researcher

- Potential to contribute to Sogang University

5. Period for initial applications:

From March 9, 17:00 p.m., to March 23, 2018, 13:00 p.m., local time in Seoul.

 - Applicants who fail to submit all application forms (via the online application system) within the specified period will be considered to have withdrawn their applications and will be excluded from the screening process.

6-1. Application process and required documents

A. Internet Submission of Documents http://professor.sogang.ac.kr/

1) Application
2) Publication List
3) Self-introduction

B. Research-related Documents (please upload the required documents in the 'file box' online)

- Future research and action plans : there is no fixed form for this document, you can write freely. But please be sure to list details of future research and action plans, and to demonstrate how they relates to the HK project specific research programs as well as SIEAS’ overall research and teaching programs.

- The first pages of all published papers in the past 3 years (since March 2015)

- Acceptance certificate/letter from journal editors: only for candidates with accepted papers for publications

C. Additional Documents (please submit directly to SIEAS): please note documents in foreign languages other than English should be accompanied by either English or Korean translations.

 - Hardcopies of your application form, publication list, personal statement from the initial online application (1 copy each) : your signature is required for these documents.

- Academic transcripts (BA, MA, PhD - 1 copy each)

- Final Degree certificates (1 copy)

- Letter of recommendation – one recommendation letter either from your dissertation supervisor or a professor in your area of specialization:

- PLEASE NOTE: the recommendation letter must bear the applicant's full name. The letter must be signed and placed in a sealed envelope. If the supervisor is overseas, they may initially send the recommendation letter via email < sieas@sogang.ac.kr > by March 23 2018, 13:00 pm (Korea Standard Time) from their own email account (under their name), but the signed and sealed original must be posted as soon as possible.

D. Four copies of each of your three representative publications for Stage 2(please submit directly to SIEAS)

   - Applicants can select three representative publications among your publications since March 2015(The publications of the applicants who don’t pass the stage 1 will be returned shortly after the 1st screening).

For applications from overseas: the additional documents listed above must be submitted directly to SIEAS via Email < sieas@sogang.ac.kr > by March 23 2018, 13:00 pm (Korea Standard Time) AND also those documents should be sent to SIEAS by registered post until March 30 2018.

For applications from Korea: the additional documents listed above must be submitted directly to SIEAS by registered post by March 23 2018, 13:00 pm (Korea Standard Time). ※ SIEAS: Institute for East Asian Studies, D322, Sogang University, 35 Baekbeom-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, 04107, Republic of Korea.

※ Candidates Shortlisted for the Second Stage will be notified in early April, 2018.

6-2. Stage III: Interview

 No particular documents need to be submitted. This only applies to successful candidates from Stage II, who will be notified individually regarding the interview schedule.

7. Important notes

1) Application documents MUST be submitted through the online application site.

2) Application will be rejected if there are any missing documents.

3) In the event of an unqualified applicant being discovered subsequently to have been accepted or hired on the basis of false information given in the application form, or falsification of supporting documents, the acceptance or hiring will be cancelled.

4) Submitted documents will not be returned to the applicants.(However, the publications of the applicants who don’t pass the state 1 will be returned shortly after the 1st screening)

5) Applicant will be informed by e-mail. The results of each stage of the evaluation can be checked individually through the online application site once each respective stage is completed.

6) Candidates who have family members as full time professors in the same department or graduate school will not be hired.

7) Positions may not be filled if there are no satisfactory candidates.

8) Any matters not specified above will be handled according to regulations of ‘Project supported by the HK project and Sogang university

9) Applicants are not permitted to apply simultaneously to more than one position.

8. Contact Information





Institute for East Asian

SHIN, Yoon Hwan




Academic Affairs (A 107), Sogang University, 35 Baekbeom-ro (Sinsu-dong), Mapo-gu, Seoul, 04107, Korea Tel: 82-2-705-8121/ Fax: 82-2-705-8122/ E-Mail : profapply@sogang.ac.kr

SIEAS (D322) Sogang University 35 Baekbeom-ro (Sinsu-dong), Mapo-gu, Seoul, 04107

KOREA Tel: 82-2-705-8227 Fax: 82-2-718-4353 / E-Mail: sieas@sogang.ac.kr


Spring Semester 2018 Full-time Faculty Positions


Ⅰ. Process for  application

Order for 1st stage of application

  1. Set up an account

  2. Login to your account

  3. Complete the Internet Application Form

<Application form> Save -> <Publication List form> Save -> <Self-introduction form> Save -> <Submit>  -> <Checking the receipt number of filling receipt> -> <Completion of application>

* Even after completing the Application Form, Publication List and Self-Introduction and clicking on ‘Save’ each time, the submission process will not be complete unless you click on the ‘Submit’ button before the closing time for applications and failure to do so means you will not be included in the hiring process. 
  1. Acceptance certificate/letters for publications from journal editors (only for candidates with accepted papers for publications in forthcoming issues) or research-related documents should suffice for initial applications. Please upload certificates and documents to the 'File Box' online.


◆ Additional documents

  1. Print out application documents from Internet (application form, list of research publications, self-introduction) and sign them

  2. Prepare publications and other specified documents

  3. when submitting the documents – either indicate the list of contents on the outside of the envelope, or include the list of contents on the top of assembled documents.

  4. All required documents should be included under a single cover and can be submitted either in person or by mail.


Ⅱ. Notice for application

 ◆ Tips when completing the Application Form
  1. It is only possible to complete the Application process online after you have established your personal account. This must be done first.

  2. You will need to remember your password for later, when checking that your documentation is complete and when checking the result of the evaluation process.

  3. An application number is allotted automatically once the application process is complete.

  4. In your Academic Record, please enter the name of the school, the department name, the major and the degree name in English also.For your High School, you only need to write the institution name and the attendance period. If your school did not award grades, please write '0' in the space provided for the   GPA.

  5. In your Employment record, please begin with your current employment and put 2018/05/31 as the date that employment will end.(However, if your present employment is scheduled to end before 2018/05/31, please enter the expected date for the end of employment.)

  6. If there are insufficient spaces in the Employment record page, click on the ‘More’ button and a new set of spaces will appear.

Please list all your work experience in detail, since your initial salary will be determined based on this information.
  1. The file with your photo must not exceed 500kb, and the file name must end with .JPG

  2. After you have completed each section, the Application Form, Publication / Research Record, the Self-Introduction, you should be sure to click the ‘Save’button each time.

  3. After saving each page, please check once more that there are no errors.

  4. After completed all the inputting and checking, you MUST open the Submissions page, click on the ‘Submit’button, and check that the submission is really complete. Receipt number must be checked after application

  5. Once the ‘Submit’ button has been clicked, no changes or erasures are possible, so please be careful.

  6. It is possible to make printed copies through the 'Print' page.

◆ Notice for the Publication/Research Record
  1. Application requirements

  In order to apply, candidates must have earned at least 200 points worth of publications.

200 points worth of publications can be earned in the following ways

1) For candidates who received a Ph.D. degree from March 1, 2015: the Ph.D. dissertation already qualifies for 200 points on its own

2) For candidates who received a Ph.D. degree before March 1, 2015 : papers published since March 1, 2015, must be worth at least 200 points.
  1. Details concerning the list of research materials

  1) Please include ALL your publications without exception, even those not published in the last 3 years, beginning the list with the most recent publication

2) The following information must be included: Title; whether Ph.D. Dissertation, academic paper or book ; Date of publication; Place of publication; Number of authors; Summary of contents.

a. Dissertations, papers and books listed should be divided according to the following categories (please click on the appropriate category).

◆ Common Requirements
Category Category required to be entered Detailed description

Ph.D. dissertation

Ph.D. dissertation

Ph.D. dissertation


Highly reputed international journal

1. Humanities & Social Sciences: any journal listed in SSCI or A&HCI.

2. Natural Sciences: any journal listed in SCI(E) with an Impact Factor(IF) of over 50% in the Major subject JCR

3. Engineering: any journal listed in SCI(E).
International scholarly journal 1. A journal not listed in SCI(E), SSCI, A&HCI but which is published by an international scholarly organization.
2. Natural Science: any journal listed in SCI(E)which does not satisfy the criteria for a highly reputed international journal (see above).
Highly reputed Korean journal

Any journal listed as approved by the KRF.

Korean scholarly journal

Any journal listed as a candidate for approval by the KRF.


Scholarly book published abroad

A scholarly book in the major area that is published abroad.

Scholarly book published in Korea

A scholarly book in the major area that is published in Korea.



Anything that is neither dissertation, nor paper, nor scholarly book

b. Date of publication must be in the form "2018/04/01".

c. For the number of authors, please enter 1 for a single author, and in the case of multiple authors, please indicate the exact number; if you are the Lead Author (corresponding author) please click ‘Self’ and if not, please click ‘Other’.

3) In order to qualify, publications must already have been published before the day on which applications are submitted. If publication of a paper has been delayed for some unavoidable reason (delay in publishing a journal etc) so that it has not been published by the application date, a certificate of intended publication from the journal must be submitted. The University can take no responsibility for disadvantages resulting from any errors made in entering this information.

Only research papers and books may be counted as publications. If the candidate was the only author, the full (100%) score is earned. Where a number of persons (including students) have collaborated in the creating of a paper, book, the standard points are reduced as follows: 2 persons = 70%, 3 persons = 50%, 4 persons = 30%, 5 or more = 20%. The main author or head of a project receives an additional 10 %.

4) The varying points awarded for differing publications are as follows

*Publication of papers and books in Korea or abroad



Ph.D. dissertation

200 points

Highly reputed international

200 points

International scholarly

150 points

Highly reputed Korean journal

130 points

Korean scholarly journal

100 points

Scholarly book published

400 points

Scholarly book published in

300 points


0 points


2 = 70%, 3 = 50%, 4 = 30%, 5 or more = 20%

Bonus for main author


* Teaching materials, handbooks, general-interest books and such-like publications are not accepted and should not be included in this list.


Please Note

 -After a final complete check, you MUST click on the Submit button on the Submissions page.

- If application has been done, "Submitted" pops up, and "Your application has been completed" will be displayed on the upper left-hand corner.

- Even after completing the Application Form, Publication List and Self-Introduction and clicking on ‘Save’ each time, the submission process will not be complete unless you click on the ‘Submit’ button before the closing time for applications and failure to do so means you will not be included in the hiring process.


◆ When using the File box

- The File box is a page allowing you to upload certificates of acceptance for publication and other additional materials required by individual departments. for the initial screening. However, Recommendation Letters must not be submitted through it but must be mailed in letter form separately.

- Files uploaded may be text files or photographic files but each file should be less than 10MByte in size and files should not number more than 10 in all.