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Trans -Regional and -National Studies of Southeast Asia

Co-Chair Editors
Yoon Hwan SHIN, Sogang University, South KoreaC. SCOTT, Yale University, USAᅠ

Published By
≫ Cambridge University Press

The Launch Issue

≫ Vol. 1 / 1 Jan. 2013: Movement, Motion, and the (Im-)Permeability of Boundaries

≫ Vol. 1 / 2 July 2013: Redefining and Recontextualising Politics in Southeast Asia

≫ Vol. 2 / 1 Jan. 2014: Heritage, History and Historical Processes

≫ Vol. 2 / 2 July 2014: Asia(ns) on the Move

≫ Vol. 3 / 1 Jan. 2015: Governing Southeast Asia

≫ Vol. 3 / 2 July 2015: Bequeathing Families

≫ Vol. 4 / 1 Jan. 2016: Student Mobility within Southeast Asia

≫ Vol. 4 / 2 July. 2016: Water in Southeast Asia

≫ Vol. 5 / 1 Jan. 2017: ASEAN communities

≫ Vol. 5 / 2 July 2017: (PDF)

≫ TRaNS aims to be a new flagship journal in the field of Southeast Asian studies.
≫ TRaNS approaches the study of Southeast Asia by looking at the region as a place which is defined by its diverse and rapidly-changing social context, and as a place which resists conventional ideas of borders and ‘boundedness’.
≫ TRaNS invites submissions covering political science, anthropology, sociology, history, geography, and in particular studies of transnational, regional and comparative perspectives or case studies spanning more than two countries of Southeast Asia and its neighbouring countries/regions.
≫ TRaNS encourages writings on Southeast Asia that cross not only ideas about national borders or draw connections between Southeast Asia and other regions, but also those which cross disciplinary borders.
≫ TRaNS is published twice a year (January and July).
≫ For information on submitting papers, please email journal@sogang.ac.kr
Download the Notes for Contributors here. (PDF)

TRaNS Editorial Board

Co-Chair Editors
Yoon Hwan SHIN Sogang University, South Korea
James C. SCOTT Yale University, USA
Associate Editors
Lindsay R. Lloyd-Smith Sogang University, South Korea
Sang-Kook LEE Sogang University, South Korea
Jiwon Suh Sogang University, South Korea
Editorial Board Executive Committee
Paul D. HUTCHCROFT AusAID, The Philippines
Eric C. THOMPSON National University of Singapore
Eric TAGLIACOZZO Cornell University, USA
Editorial Board Members
Mark BEESON Murdoch University, Australia
Mary CALLAHAN University of Washington, USA
Deirdre de la CRUZ University of Michigan, USA
Howard DICK University of Melbourne, Australia
Penny EDWARDS University of California, Berkleley, USA
Sharmani Patricia GABRIEL University of Malaya, Malaysia
Vedi R. HADIZ Murdoch University, Australia
Erik HARMS Yale University, USA
Caroline HAU Kyoto University, Japan
Michael HERZFELD Harvard University, USA
Vincent HOUBEN Humboldt University, Germany
Caroline HUGHES Murdoch University, Australia
KHOO Boo Teik Institute of Developing Economies, Japan
Benedict F. KIERNAN Yale University, USA
Victor T. KING Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Brunei
KYAW Yin Hlaing City University of Hong Kong
Tun MYINT Carleton College, USA
Rhacel PARRENAS University of Southern California, USA
Jonathan D. RIGG National University of Singapore
John SIDEL London School of Economics, UK
Martin STUART-FOX The University of Queensland, Australia
Ratana TOSAKUL Thammasat University, Thailand
Hung Cam THAI Pomona College, USA
Andrew WALKER The Australian National University
Meredith WEISS University of Albany, USA
Sarah WEISS Yale University, USA
Thongchai WINICHAKUL University of Wisconsin, USA
XIANG Biao University of Oxford, UK
Henry Wai-chung YEUNG National University of Singapore
Peter ZINOMAN University of California Berkeley, USA
Advisory Board Members
Barbara Watson ANDAYA University of Hawaii, USA
Michael AUNG-THWIN University of Hawaii, USA
CHUA Beng HUAT National University of Singapore
Donald K. EMMERSON Stanford University, USA
James J. FOX The Australian National University
Kevin HEWISON Murdoch University, Australia
Hal HILL The Australian National University
HSIAO Hsin-Huang Michael Academia Sinica, Taiwan
JOMO Kwame Sundaram Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations
Paul KRATOSKA National University of Singapore
R. William LIDDLE Ohio State University, USA
Anthony REID The Australian National University
David STEINBERG Georgetown University, USA
SUEHIRO Akira University of Tokyo, Japan
WANG Gungwu National University of Singapore
ZHUANG?Guoto Xiamen?University,?China

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