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· Overview

Since 2008, SIEAS has concentrated its efforts on the construction of new paradigm in which Southeast Asia is viewed as an ‘Open Regional System’ and advancing Southeast Asian studies in Korea. SIEAS has launched research clusters designed to encourage the academic collaboration of international and domestic scholars, in order to fully accomplish our grand research project of ‘Southeast Asia as an open regional system.’ To this aim, in 2009, two clusters were created, which conducted interdisciplinary research under the grand theme of “The Historical Construction of Southeast Asia.” The first cluster, “Perceiving Southeast Asia,” is to understand how external world has perceived Southeast Asia. The second cluster, “Historical Construction of Southeast Asian Studies,” compared the historical processes of how various countries have developed Southeast Asian studies and analyzed the characteristics of their studies.

· SIEAS International Conference of 2009 Research Cluster, “Historical Construction of Southeast Asia”

Date: June 11, 2010, 16:00-18:00 p.m.
Place: Dasankwan 209, Sogang University
Participants: All domestic cluster members
SIEAS held its first international cluster conference of “The Historical Construction of Southeast Asia” March 19-20, 2010.
On March 19th, 2010, the 1st cluster conference session on the “Historical construction of Soutehast Asian studies” was held. In this session, a number of prominent scholars on Southeast Asia, including Victor King (University of Leeds), James Fox (Australian National University), Ariel Heryanto (Australian National University), Freek Colombijn (VU University Amsterdam), and domestic scholars including Yu Insun (SIEAS), Park Seung Woo (Yeungam University), Choi Horim (SIEAS), Lee Sang Kook(SIEAS), and Song Seung-Won (SIEAS), presented their research outcomes on how Southeast Asian studies has been constructed as a part of area studies and been expanded in the past.
On March 20, the second session was held under the theme of “Perceiving Southeast Asia.” This session was to discuss how the world has perceived Southeast Asia. Some prominent scholars discussed how East Asian countries (Korea, Japan, and China), India, the Middle-East and England and other European travelers had imagined and perceived Southeast Asia based on the travelers’ records and diaries. These scholars included Stephen Keck (American University of Sharjah), Maria NG (University of Lethbridge), Lee Hee Soo (Hanyang University), Yim Sungmo (Yonsei University), Park KyungSeok (Northeast Asian History Foundation), Lee Ocksoon (SIEAS), Lee Han Woo (SIEAS), and Kim Eun-Young (SIEAS). Conference outcomes will be published in two books by next year.

· First Cluster Workshop

Date: August 25 (Tues), 2009, 14:00-18:00
Place: Dasankwan 209
Presenters: PARK Sa-Myung, PARK Seung Woo, YU Insun, SONG Seung-Won, LEE Sang Kook, CHOI Horim, KIM Hyung-Jun, PARK Kyungseok, LEE Hee Soo, YIM Sung-Mo, KIM Eun-Young, LEE Ocksoon, LEE Han Woo Discussants: Baik Young Seo, Park Seung Woo, Oh Myoung Seok, Cho Hung Guk