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Student Fellowship Program

In order to cultivate undergraduate students as talented individuals with expertise in Southeast Asian countries and regions, Institute for East Asian Studies at Sogang University (SIEAS) operates the Southeast Asia Student Fellowship, a Southeast Asia expert training program, on a semester basis.

The Student Fellowship Program is open to every undergraduate student of Sogang University (from the third up to the seventh semester students), regardless of their majors, who are interested and wants to become a Southeast Asia expert.

The Student Fellowship Program provides an introductory lectures and seminars to Southeast Asia Studies and Southeast Asian language courses during the semester, with monthly scholarship throughout the 6-month fellowship period. In addition, excellent students will be given an opportunity to travel and explore any Southeast Asian countries during their semester break.

Application for the program are opened in February and August. For undergraduates who wish to apply, please refer to the announcement board on SIEAS and Sogang University website in the beginning of February and August.